Yo Gotti Reveals Why He Loves Working With Nicki Minaj

yo gotti reveals why he loves working with nicki minaj

yo gotti reveals why he loves working with nicki minaj

Yo Gotti has a lot of respect for Nicki Minaj.

Following the release of his Gotti Made-It collaboration project with Mike WiLL Made-It, Yo Gotti has been on a nonstop promotional run.

Billboard recently interviewed the Down In The DM rapper, who discussed a range of topics including his new mixtape, his upcoming Against All Odds Tour with Meek Mill, as well as why he enjoys working with Nicki Minaj.

If you remember, Minaj and Gotti joined forces back in 2009 for his track, “5 Star (Remix).” Most recently, Gotti recruited the “Anaconda” rapper again for “Rake It Up”, which is featured on Gotti Made-It. According to Gotti, Minaj is a great business woman who is very hands-on when it comes to her music.

Gotti told Billboard, “I got a lot of respect for Nicki on many different levels. As an artist, I think she’s super dope and she always kills the verses every time. I got a lot of respect for her as a business woman. She a boss.”

“Whenever I’ve dealt with Nicki on a record whether it was “5 Star Chick” to “Down in the DM” to “Rake It Up,” she’ll be very hands-on with her business. She’s very in tune with everything that she’s a part of, even if it’s a feature. Whether it’s something small like the mix and master, she’s involved, and I have a lot of respect for her because of that.”

He added, “A lot of artists don’t give a fuck. They’ll do their verse and not give a fuck how the artwork is. Many things that are little to some people, like the tedious things, she be on her shit and that’s how I am. I be on my shit so from one boss to another, I really respect her business.”

Listen to Rake It Up here.

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