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YFN Lucci – Everyday We Lit (Remix) Feat. PnB Rock, Wiz Khalifa & Lil Yachty

everyday we lit remix

everyday we lit remix

YFN Lucci adds Lil Yachty & Wiz Khalifa to new remix for “Everyday We Lit”.

Fairly new ATL artist YFN Lucci decided to drop the remix to his track “Everyday We Lit” last night. The track originally featured PNB, now it features a pretty decent list of big name artists such as Wiz Khalifa and Lil Yachty. While the original track did gain recognition since its release reaching number 75 on the Hot 100 charts, critics are pretty certain that this remix will do even better.

While listening to the track, it’s pretty safe to say that each artist essentially raps about their favorite pass times. However, they each mesh together well bringing out their own kind of flair to the track. Yachty touches his verse with some heavy auto-tune and a kind of dance-ready tone as he raps about riding around with women and rocking gold chains. In his verse, he raps “Call me Cousin Skeeter / Fuck her, then delete her.” Wiz dropped down some more laid back rhymes rapping about smoking too much weed & repping T.G.O.D to the death.

Later, Lucci creeps in spitting lines like “I swear I ain’t ever expected it to be like this. Now, a ni**a getting rich, I swear every day, we lit” – which is kind of an ode to his life before the fame seeing as though he’s still fairly new to the game. This is followed by PNB’s more singer esk tones on the chorus.

Take a listen below and let us know if these artists were a decent combo.