XXXTentacion Says He Was Jumped By Migos’ Crew (Video)

xxxtentacion says he was jumped by migos crew

XXXTentacion reportedly got into a brawl with Migos’ crew.

XXXTentacion makes headlines once again. Last night, the controversial Florida rapper took to Instagram live to reveal that Migos’ entourage jumped him outside of his hotel in Los Angeles. With a face full of bruises, XXX quickly threw the Atlanta trio under the bus, calling them and their crew “pussy ass niggas.”

“Before you heard it from anybody else, I got jumped in L.A. by some pussy ass niggas and they jumped me, nigga. Nobody gave me the faith of a one on one, nigga. Nobody gave me the respect of a one on one and I painted that nigga while he was on the ground.”

XXXTentacion further explained that someone pulled a gun on him, his girlfriend, and his homie, “Fuck the Migos, straight up… Y’all niggas had the chance to kill me. How you have fire and ain’t shoot me after all the shit I been talkin? How the fuck you ain’t shoot me.”

“Yall niggas pussy as fuck. Rap niggas be talking about how they killin’ niggas and shootin’ niggas and this and that but you caught me outside a hotel and bruh ain’t shoot shit.”

The Migos never physically laid hands on X, but X still plans on suing them, “One thing though. If ya’ll niggas think I ain’t gon’ take ya’ll money, y’all stupid as fuck. Ya’ll fuck niggas gettin’ sued! I ain’t gonna go to the police but I finna sue the fuck out ya’ll boys. I finna get all that QC label money.”

XXXTentacion also dragged Cardi B into the mess, posting a photo of her on his Instagram, with the caption, “just letting u kno rn bae… i dont got no pressure witchu… i bump bodak orange when I shower… i love u.” The post has since been deleted.

Get up to speed on the drama below.

#xxxtentacion says he got jumped in LA and “fuck da migos”

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