XXXTentacion “Hangs” Himself On Instagram

xxxtentacion hangs himself on instagram

xxxtentacion hangs himself on instagram

XXXTentacion angers his fans with a faked suicide.

Last night, XXXTentacion posted a grim video of himself hanging from a tree. The disturbing clip was only seconds long, but proved to be enough to enrage and frighten his fans.

Clearly, the “Look At Me” rapper didn’t receive the response that he was looking for, instead, he wheeled in a great amount of backlash, with fans suggesting that he posted the video in an attempt to go viral and garnish attention.

Shortly after XXX posted the video on to Instagram, fans flooded his comments, writing, “Bitch what the fuck is this”, “what is positive about hanging yourself or pretending for that matter 😕”, and “Bro all your fans are young kids, I get relating to them and helping others in situations but you can’t show them this stuff this is a negative message to the kids fam use you’re hype and clout to make the earth a better place.”

It wasn’t long before an angered XXX responded to his fans and explained the reasoning behind the suicidal video. Apparently, it wasn’t a publicity stunt, and was simply a scene from an upcoming music video.

“If you thought I would ‘pretend’ to kill myself for a publicity stunt you’re fucking stupid.” In a now deleted post, XXX wrote, “Damn nigga, I’m not gonna lie I’m pissed off as fuck. I couldn’t even surprise you guys cause I was scared someone would hurt themselves, and my feelings hurt as fuck, do you all really think I could kill myself and show that to the kids? You don’t think I have more dignity than that? Shit makes me not even want to make music anymore, not allowed to be an artist it seems.”

Later into the night, XXX followed up with another video.

Watch the video’s below at your own discretion.

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