Wiz Khalifa’s Mother Sues Amber Rose for Defamation

wiz khalifas mother sues amber rose for defamation

wiz khalifas mother sues amber rose for defamation

Amber Rose believes Wiz Khalifa’s mother is an unfit mother and grandmother.

According to the Washington County Observer-Reporter, Wiz Khalifa’s mother, Katie Wimbush-Polk, is suing Amber Rose for defamation after the model reportedly made a phone call slamming her character.

On June 19, Rose placed a call to Polk’s phone, who unbeknownst to her, was in the possession of Polk’s friend and ex-employee, Danesa Letic. Lectic’s five year old niece answered the phone, and instantly heard Rose cursing and ranting.

Lectic then took the phone and identified herself, but Rose continued on her tirade, claiming that Polk had allowed her child, Dorien, who passed away in February due to complications from lymphoma, to die and was unfit to care for her and Khalifa’s son, Sebastian.

Polk’s lawyer says Rose’s claims, “impute(d) criminality, which is incompatible with her status as a grandmother and her status as a volunteer mentoring at-risk youth.”

Rose became angered after Polk allegedly reported her to California Child Welfare Services, who made a visit to her to home the very same day. Polk denies calling the agency, stating, “she made no such report at or around that time.”

Polk is asking for more than $50,000, which will include court costs, interest, punitive and other damages.

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