Wiz Khalifa Says “Lean Is Lame” (Video)

wiz khalifa says lean is lame

Wiz Khalifa thinks lean use is wack.

Wiz Khalifa has never been shy about his love for weed. But he recently made it quite clear that he’s not a fan of lean.

In a new Instagram video, that may have pissed off a few people, Mister Cap slammed the popular drug, “You know I was doing a lot of thinking, because I like to think a lot. And you know when a lot of people follow one trend, or find themselves doing the same thing that everyone else is doing, you don’t really get someone who speaks for the other side.

Wiz added, “So I’m gonna just go ahead and speak for the other side. Lean is lame. Not for the lean sippers. Don’t get in your feelings. It’s for the people that don’t fuck with that shit. Feel empowered. Know, lean is definitely lame.”

For those unaware, lean is Codeine cough suppressant mixed with soda. DJ Screw and Pimp C’s deaths have both been linked to codeine consumption and overdoses. Sadly, lean plays a huge role in the Hip Hop culture, and it’s popularity continues to grow for both the new and old generation of rappers.

See what Wiz had to say about the deadly concoction below.

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