Will Smith & Netflix Announce Bright Sequel

Netflix has put a lot of attention into the upcoming highly-anticipated Will Smith-starring film, ‘Bright’. With a $90 Million dollar budget, the action film follows two police officers – one a human and the other an orc (played by Joel Egerton) – who embark on a mission to save their city, and ultimately their world, from ending. With the film only a week away from release on popular streaming service Netflix, it was announced that the first time ever a sequel to the upcoming film is in the works.

A first because this will be the first streaming service sequel in history. Netflix signed on to follow up the original, making it the first ever streaming film franchise. Watch the film’s trailer below:

Last week, Netflix released the motion picture soundtrack to the film with an all-star cast of today’s biggest Hip-Hop recording artists including 21 Savage, Migos, Ty Dolla $ign, Machine Gun Kelly, and many more.

Last week, the soundtrack released a video for the Migos song, “Danger”. Watch Here.

‘Bright’ is available for streaming on Netflix this Friday.



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