Wendy Williams Says Joseline Hernandez Is No Cardi B

wendy williams says joseline hernandez is no cardi b

Joseline Hernandez takes shots at Cardi B, and Wendy Williams is not here for it.

Earlier this week, The Puerto Rican Princess, Joseline Hernandez, dropped her Cardi B diss track, “Hate Me Now.” Joseline doesn’t actually say Cardi’s name in the song, however, her lyrics make it quite clear as to who she’s referring to, “Drag a Bronx b*tch, yeah I said it—what you gonna do?/Fabricated, illustrated, cartoon/Bloody my ass…you holler Blood—who the hell cosigned this hoe?”

It’s unclear what beef Joseline has with Cardi, but according to Stevie J, she’s jealous of the “Bodak Yellow” rapper’s success. Joseline was reportedly so upset at one point that she wouldn’t allow Stevie to see their daughter due to Cardi rapidly taking over the charts.

Cardi is most definitely winning right now, but I think it’s pretty safe to say she’s worked hard to get where she’s at. Like most of us, Wendy Williams is #teamCardi, and recently stated that “it can’t hurt” for Cardi to clap back at Joseline with her own diss record.

During a taping of her show, Wendy stated, “I just find beefs really corny because whoever the bigger person is, is giving credibility to the smaller person – I’m not saying that Joseline is small, I’m just saying that she’s no Cardi B.”

Joseline has since responded to Wendy in an Instagram post writing, “No attachments @wendyshow just art!! Love you long time. Let’s remember im the originator. And please let the clap back come…. #baddestbitch #hatemenow see you soon 😎😎😎😎 and tomorrow you got another story which will make this 1 an old story. And im still going to be making real music so on that note…. save me the time @wendyshow #hatemenow 🙄.”

Are you #TeamJoseline or #BardiGang?

Listen to Hate Me Now below.

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