Troy Ave Slams Joe Budden On “Press Spray”

troy ave slams joe budden on press spray

troy ave slams joe budden on press spray

Troy Ave gives Joe Budden a piece of his mind.

After slamming Casanova on “I Ain’t Mad At Cha”, Troy Ave has moved on to his next victim.

On his new track, “Press Spray”, Troy calls out Joe Budden and attacks him for not being there for him when he was shot. At one point, Troy and Budden were close friends, but clearly that friendship is over.

On the song, Troy Ave slammed Budden’s character and music before addressing his alleged disloyalty towards him, “Man this shit wack like a Budden track. You a drug addict and a bitch-beater/Rap podcaster and a dick-eater.”

Further into the track, Troy digs a little deeper, “It’s sad ’cause I really had love for him / I was down to die and take slugs for him / But when your boy needed help, damn, there was none for him.”

Budden has yet to respond, but we all know his clap back game is strong.

I Ain’t Mad At Cha and Press Spray are both featured on Troy’s newly released “Dope Boy Troy (Vol. 2): NuPac” mixtape.

Listen to Press Spray below.

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