Sean Turk Ft. Jessame – Lemonade (Video)

sean turk ft jessame lemonade video

Sean Turk hits Los Angeles to debut his new video, “Lemonade.”

Based in NYC, “Bedroom Bass” producer, Sean Turk, collaborates with Los Angeles singer and songwriter, Jessame, for the perfect composition dripping in summer nostalgia.

The beat and lyrics are the perfect combination of sweet and sour—just like a fresh-squeezed glass of lemonade. In perfect pairing, the official “Lemonade” music video dropped last week and is a sensory delight with effective cinematography for the fun-loving single.

Sean Turk on the new single, “‘Lemonade’ is definitely one of my favorite tracks I produced I wrote. One day I sat down and started cooking up these chords and wanted to write a track about someone I had just met. I thought it be cool to make a concept about ‘Lemonade’ being a way to describe how much I liked someone haha. I cut the song in like a day and I sent it over to my good homie Jessame with just the first verse/chorus done. He loved it and hopped on the track. The rest is history!”

Watch the new video below.



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