Rick Ross Sued For Rape


Rick Ross sure knows how to keep his lawyers on their toes. The MMG bawse is facing yet another lawsuit. This time around Ross is being sued by a woman who claims she was drugged and raped by a member of his entourage, Thaddeus “Black” James. Allegedly, the woman, who is being referred to as Jane Doe in the lawsuit, claims that she met Ross, James, 3 security guards, and a driver at the W Hotel in Los Angeles, all of who had invited her to go to Cannabis Cup, a weed convention.

She hitched a ride with them to the convention in a van, and claims was given a drink during the trip that was spiked. Shortly after she says she became dizzy and passed out. Two hours later she woke up in Ross’ van with James, they ended up heading back to James’ hotel room before she passed out again. Doe says she woke up at 8:00 a.m. the next morning in the hotel room to find herself completely naked and sexually assaulted. Doe believes that James is the one who raped her.

Doe has filed a suit against James and Ross, stating that Ross is James’ agent, and that he should have been supervising him.

Ross has yet to address these serious allegations.

Yellah Bone
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