Rich Homie Quan Regrets Smoking Weed Next To His Son

rich homie quan regrets smoking weed next to his son

rich homie quan regrets smoking weed next to his son

“I didn’t ask to be put on this pedestal that society put me on.”

A few years back, the media understandably slammed Rich Homie Quan after a video of him smoking weed in front of his son, Royal, surfaced. Not only was Royal in the same room as him, but he was comfortably perched on the “Type Of Way” rapper’s lap.

Days later, via Instagram, Quan issued an apology to his son and his fans for his actions, “To whom it may concern: First off,I would like to apologize to my son,(Royal) my fans and all the parents around the world.By no means would I do anything to hurt my son or any kid in the world.”

“I regret that I chose to continue to smoke once Royal jumped in my lap.After looking back on it I realize my error and I am sorry for my actions.” Nonetheless, Child Protective Services launched an investigation.”

Now, in an new interview with DJ VLAD, Quan says he regrets smoking in front of his son, and asks everyone to understand that he is human like everyone else and make mistakes, “I just wanna let people know man… that’s not the image I want people to see me as.”

He added, “That was just one of them moments, you know what I’m saying? I just want people to realize I’m still human, you know what I’m saying? And a lot of things are just mental mistakes, you know what I mean? Like, at that time I was 23, 24. Not saying—age has nothing to do with it—but at the same time, I didn’t ask to be put on this pedestal that society put me on. So if I make mistakes, just please forgive me and just realize it wasn’t intentional, I wasn’t doing it to hurt anybody.”

Quan revealed that it was normal to smoke around your children when he was growing up, “But moral to the story, I learned from that. I don’t smoke around my kids anymore. You know what I’m saying? I don’t think nobody should do that. But you know, growing up man, where I growed up at, that was normal.”

“And I’ma just be real with you, you feel me? That was normal. And I know everybody who has something bad to say about it—come on man. Can’t be a hypocrite. That’s all I’m gon’ say, that was normal where I growed up.”

Watch the interview below. (Quan addresses the smoking incident at the 9:29 mark).

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