Remy Ma Signs To Columbia Records, Connects With Lil Kim For Nicki Minaj Diss Song

remy ma signs to columbia records connects with lil kim for nicki minaj diss song

Remy Ma inks a deal with Columbia Records.

Congrats are in order for Remy Ma! The Bronx rapper has signed a multi-million deal with Columbia Records. A number of labels were reportedly negotiating deals with the “All The Way Up” rapper before she made her final decision. A Columbia Records representative confirmed that Remy was signed to the label, but declined to share any further information.

Back in February, Remy and Fat Joe dropped a collaborative album, Plata O Plomo, which was released through RNG and Empire. Remy’s upcoming album, Seven Winters, Six Summers, will serve as her first solo release since her 2006 album, There’s Something About Remy: Based on a True Story.

While gearing up for the release of her new album, Remy connected with Lil Kim for a new track entitled, “Wake Me Up.” Insiders have reportedly told TMZ that Wake Me Up is a Nicki Minaj diss song. Remy and Kim recently shot a video Wake Me Up, however, it is unclear when the song will drop.

It’s no secret that both Remy and Kim have had public feuds with Nicki. Specific subliminals directed at Nicki include, “That crown I’m gonnna take that shit / Cause you a clown and homie don’t play that shit.” There are also a few lyrics that take jabs at Minaj’s alleged relationship with Nas, “I heard he lay that dick. You let them filet that fish / You just met him, how he bae that quick?”

View Remy Ma’s IG post below.

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