Remy Ma No Longer Eats Meat, Slims Down (Video)

remy ma no longer eats meat, slims down

Remy Ma is living a healthier lifestyle.

In the midst of press runs for her new song, “Wake Me Up” featuring Lil Kim, fans can’t help but to notice how phenomenal Remy Ma has been looking lately. Just like that, Remy has slimmed down and is turning heads.

While Remy Ma isn’t against plastic surgery, it hasn’t contributed to her weight loss. According to Remy, she has embraced a new diet that strictly consists of fruits and vegetables – and NO meat.

During a recent appearance on the The Wendy Williams Show, Remy opened up about her new eating habits, “Well, first I did a juicing thing and cleansed everything, and then I stopped eating meat. I only do like seafood here and there. Mostly just fruits and vegetables and water, water, water.”

Remy added, “It’s a lot, but when you go outside and then everyone says ‘Oh my God, Remy looks so good’ I’m like, you know what? I really don’t need that soda. It’s ok. I didn’t want it anyway.” Kudos to Remy!

Aside from living a healthier lifestyle, Remy recently inked a multi-million dollar deal with Columbia Records, and has hired Vincent Herbert to manage her. Herbert previously managed his estranged wife, Tamar Braxton, who filed for divorce a few weeks back. Remy admits that she hired Herbert so Papoose could focus on being her husband.

Watch the clip below.

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