Ray J and Princess Love Are Expecting Their First Child

Ray J and Princess Love are expecting their first child.

Ray J and Princess Love are expecting!

On the last season of Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood, Princess Love struggled with fertility issues, making it difficult for her and Ray J to start the family that they desperately wanted. It appears now that the newlyweds are going to be parents!

Yesterday, during an appearance on The Real, Ray J excitedly revealed that he and Princess are expecting their first child together, “Love is on my mind. Love is in my heart. Princess and I are expecting.”

Ray added, “It was special because we were trying for a while. It’s not as easy as people think. It’s not just. For some people, they just go on tour and get everybody pregnant. For me it was love. We took our time. And then as we were taking our time, it just took a little while.”

The sex of the baby has yet to be determined, but Ray wants a girl, “I want to have a little girl first. It’s like daddy’s little girl. Well I want to be able to have some peace first.”

Via Instagram, Princess shared a adorable photo of her growing baby bump, writing, “It’s such a blessing from God to be able to carry our child. We kept this to ourselves until after the first trimester because it’s bad luck to announce too early. But we’re so proud to share this journey with you guys. Thank you for all of the love and prayers ❤️”

Today, Princess shared a video of her ultrasound. Check it out below.

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