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Quavo Loses Hard Drive Containing “Culture 2” Album


Quavo Loses Hard Drive Containing “Culture 2” Album

quavo loses hard drive containing culture 2 album

Yikes! Offset and Takeoff can’t be happy about this.

Last month, during an interview with The Hollywood Fix, Offset announced that Migos’ second studio album, Culture 2, would drop this October. But thanks to Quavo, the album’s release may have hit a major bump in the road.

During a recent Instagram Live session, Quavo decided that he wanted to share a few snippets of Culture 2 with his fans. However, when it became time to play the music, the Migos frontman realized he had a huge problem – the hard rive containing the upcoming album was missing.

Quavo can be heard asking the engineer “Where the hard drives at?” Unfortunately, they never locate the missing device. Hopefully, the hard drive is simply misplaced, or the Atlanta trio will end up having to re-record the entire album.

Check out the video below.

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