PnB Rock Urinates On Hotel Room Floor After Being Kicked Out For Smoking Weed (Video)

pnb rock urinates on hotel room floor after being kicked out for smoking weed

PnB Rock just wants to smoke his weed in peace.

PnB Rock gets a little crazy if he can’t smoke his weed. Recently, PnB he kicked out of a hotel for smoking weed, and let’just say the “Selfish” singer didn’t take it lightly.

Before leaving the hotel, PnB decided to get a little obnoxious and pay back the hotel’s management team. Via Snapchat, PnB shared a video of himself walking around and urinating in different spots in his room, which was followed by him and a friend spitting on bathroom mirror.

PnB probably thought he would score cool points for retaliating against the staff, but in reality his fans were actually disappointed and disgusted with his actions. Various Instagram users wrote, “Childish shit”, “I hope the hotel sues his ass. Ignorant and disgusting as fuck and the fool still recorded it. Some poor underpaid worker will have to clean that up”, and “I feel sad for the underpaid workers who are going to clean up that mess… I despise ignorant niggas…smh.”

PnB has yet to address the incident. At this time, it’s unclear what hotel PnB was staying at, but a lawsuit may be in the works.

Pnb is currently gearing up for his Catch These Vibes tour with Lil Baby. The tour kicks off on February 7 at Toad’s Place in New Haven, CT, and will travel to Chicago, St. Louis, Los Angeles and more before coming to an end on March 16 in Phoenix, Arizona.

Watch the clip below.

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