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PnB Rock – Feelins X Time

pnb rock feelins and time

pnb rock feelins and time

PnB Rock gets caught up in his emotions on “Feelins” and “Time.”

After nabbing a spot in XXL’s 2017 Freshman class, PnB Rocks is going harder than ever. Last night, looking to celebrate his newfound success, PnB Rock surprised fans with two new songs, “Feelins” and “Time.”

On Feelins, PnB sings about a girl he’s dealing with, who seems to have him stressed out and in his feelings, “I wanna know / Who you be callin’ / Who you be textin’ / When you be all in your phone / Girl, why you flexin’? / You got my message, but I aint stressin’ / You be thinkin’ you low / And you think I don’t know.”

PnB’s second offering, Time, showcases the Philadelphia singer professing his love for a girl, all while making it clear that he constantly needs her in his life. Time is more upbeat, and the features a catchy Reggaeton vibe that is sure to get you up out of your seat.

Check out both records below.

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