Offset Accused Of Cheating On Cardi B AGAIN

offset accused of cheating on cardi b again

Offset and Cardi B’s relationship hits another bump in the road.

Cardi B can’t catch a break. Although her career is taking off, her relationship with Offset appears to be in shambles. Just weeks after it was proven that Offset had stepped out on Cardi, the “Versace” rapper is back in the doghouse.

Last night, two clips of a man who appears to be Offset, engaging in sexual acts with a woman went viral on Instagram. The footage is quite blurry, but the jewelry and dreads are a dead giveaway. The time stamp on the video is December 20, 2017, 1:05:25 am.

On December 28, during her concert in Mississippi, Cardi B confirmed that Offset had cheated on her once, and told the crowd that if he that if he cheated again, he would “lose his wife.” Only time will tell if the two will still walk down the aisle.

We won’t post the explicit videos here, but a quick search of the hashtag #Offset on Instagram will bring the clips right up.

Meanwhile, watch the new video for Bruno Mars’ “Finesse (Remix)” featuring Cardi B here.

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