NBA YoungBoy Almost Gets Into Fight At Lenox Mall (Video)

nba youngboy almost gets into fight at lenox mall

You don’t want no smoke with NBA YoungBoy.

Thursday night, NBA YoungBoy almost got physical with a man who tried to disrespect him at the Lenox Mall in Atlanta, Georgia. In a clip that has gone viral on social media, a man can be heard calling the Baton Rouge rapper a “bitch.”

NBA’s girlfriend, Jania, quickly steps in and tries to dissolve the situation, telling him, “You’re not gonna fight on camera bae.” NBA tells the heckler, “I’ll slap the fuck outcha”, before reaching out in an attempt to slap him.

Another clip shows the heckler and NBA squaring up in a store located in the mall. Clearly fed up, NBA tries starts to approach the man, but Jania trys to pull him away once again, only to be forcefully thrown to the side.

The Shade Room posted the clip, then slammed NBA Youngboy for being so rough with Jania. In a short Instagram video, NBA called out TSR for constantly painting him out to be a bad person.

In conclusion, a fight never went down, which is a plus on NBA’s behalf. After being charged with two counts of second degree murder for his alleged role in an drive-by shooting, NBA doesn’t need anymore legal woes. NBA was released from jail back in May.

Watch the clips below.

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