Nas And Kelis Reach Custody Agreement

nas and kelis reach custody agreement

Nas and Kelis finally settle their child custody dispute.

It’s been a long and stressful custody battle for Nas and Kelis, but they have finally reached a custody agreement for their eight year old son, Knight Jones.

Court documents have revealed that Nas will get four full weekends for January, February, and March. The visits will begin immediately after school on Friday and end Sunday night, or Monday night if it’s a three day weekend. The new agreement requires both Nas and Kelis to use their “best efforts to not popularize [Knight] in social media.”

As previously reported, Nas claimed that Kelis made it impossible for him to see his son, and was unwilling to work out a fair custody agreement. For years, Nas tried to settle things out of court with Kelis, but to no avail. Therefore, Nas was forced to seek help from a judge to establish a set schedule.

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