Migos’ Offset Reportedly Fathered Secret Love Child

offset reportedly fathered secret love child

Offset wants joint custody of his alleged love child.

Offset may be engaged to Cardi B, but that hasn’t stopped him from fulfilling his fatherly duties. The 25 year old “Versace” rapper recently appeared in court and admitted to fathering a secret love child with Justine Watson seven years ago.

According to court documents, Watson requested more child support for their son, Jordan, in August. Despite not taking a DNA test, Watson says Offset is the father of her son has sporadically provided financial assistance – but has failed to help with medical, education, and extra-curricular activities. Watson has requested retroactive child support, health insurance for their son and $15,000 for attorneys’ fees.

Offset is reportedly asking for joint legal and physical custody of Jordan. He also requested that Jordan’s last name to be changed to his. He’s willing to provide health insurance and cover medical expenses for his son, as well as child support that “is based upon the income of the parties.”

However, he does not want to pay the $15,000 in court fees.

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