Meek Mill Reportedly Working Multiple Jobs In Prison For 19 Cents An Hour

meek mill reportedly working multiple jobs in prison for 19 cents an hour

Meek Mill is keeping busy behind bars.

After Meek Mill was denied bail for the second time in one week, the “All Eyes On Me” rapper has decided to make the best of his situation. TMZ reports that Meek is working several jobs in prison – for 19 cents an hour.

A source told the publication that Meek is part of the general labor crew, which means he does whatever general labor is necessary – including cleaning cell blocks, and tidying up prison grounds to cook food and wash dishes. Meek reportedly serves the food as well.

Apparently, Meek is doing this all with a smile on his face, and has been acknowledged as a “model inmate”, who’s “been getting some nice perks due to good behavior.” Meek allegedly gets access to electrical and carpentry shops, and he’s waiting to get into some therapy courses.

Earlier this week, Judge Genece Brinkley denied Meek’s first bail request, citing that Meek “is and continues to be a danger to the community in Philadelphia, New York, Missouri, and other locations throughout the United States, he continues to be a danger to himself based upon a history of continuous use of illegal drugs, and is an increased and greater flight risk because he already has been sentenced to a term in state prison and gave false information to authorities when he was arrested in St. Louis, Missouri.”

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