Lil Yachty & Joe Budden Go Head To Head In A Hip Hop Debate

lil yachty joe budden

lil yachty joe budden

Lil Yachty & Joe Budden go at it on Complex’ “Everday Struggle”.

As many Yatchy fans know, tv reality star Joe Budden recently publicly made a few comments about Lil Boat on his show Everyday Struggle. However, we also know Yachty’s family was rather quick with the clapback responding with a few shots of their own.

Though just the other day Yatchy was invited to be a guest on the very same show, and there was no surprise about how heated the conversation became. Though Yatchy fans were still impressed by how professional and well spoken Yachty was while explaining his place in the hip-hop game.

Throughout the conversation Budden was a bit standoffish especially while asking Yachty about his thought process behind the Teenage Emotions album cover, later asking about who his target audience was as mainly questioning if it was really in fact for teens. Yatchy calmly replies “The message is to believe in yourself. To love yourself. Basically, it’s just showing all sides of life. She has vitiligo, she’s like an emotional girl, she has obesity, and they have same-sex love…my music is to just stay positive, and to love yourself. I’m the outcast of the hip-hop game. These are all outcasts on this cover…You can be yourself and still be okay with that.”

While I believe that answer most certainly speaks to the teenage audience, Budden is more concerned with the fact that Yachty labeled himself an outcast, calling Yachty’s image of frequent positivity “bullshit.” However, Yachty comes back by saying “When you come from a college dorm room, with no money…and you ain’t gettin’ no play with no girls, you have no clothes, you have no car…and you come to having three or four cars, millions of dollars, half a million dollars on your body just to wear, and any kind of clothes you want, any hoes you want, how can you be upset?”

Check out the video below and let us know what you think.