Lil Yachty And Joe Budden Dispute Over Record Sales

lil yachty and joe budden dispute over record sales

lil yachty and joe budden dispute over record sales

Joe Budden comes for Lil Yachty AGAIN.

I guess it’s safe to say that the beef between Lil Yachty and Joe Budden is far from over. Following the latest episode of Complex’s Everyday Struggle show, it appear’s that Budden may have reignited their feud.

During the episode, DJ Akademiks, Budden, and special guest Joey Bada$$ were discussing Playboi Carti’s stardom, which somehow led to a conversation that solely focused on Yachty. According to Bada$$, Lil Boat’s appearances in Sprite and Target prove he is a star.

As expected, Budden quickly disagreed, before slamming Yachty’s debut studio album, Teenage Emotions, “You’re not a megastar when you sell 40,000 records.” Via Instagram, Yachty quickly shot back at Budden with a reference to his 2016 Rage And The Machine album, which sold a whooping 22,477 copies, “Lol don’t talk to me about album sales sir @joebudden.”

Quality Control Music CEO Pierre “Pee” Thomas also stepped in to defend Yachty, “Lil Yachty Made 13 Million Dollars In 16 Months. Who Give A Fuck Bout You Niggas Opinion? I’m Convinced Now Hating In You Niggas Blood. Let’s Have A Contract And Bank Statement Challenge.”

“That’s All We Care About Over Here @joebudden @akadmiks I Bet Y’all Niggas Shit Ain’t Ain’t Gone Add Up. And Bye The Way Yachty The Reason Your Show Popping So You Should Thank Him.”

Watch it all play out below.

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