Lil Yachty Accused Of Stealing “Peek A Boo”

lil yachty accused of stealing peekaboo

lil yachty accused of stealing peekaboo

A Memphis rapper claims Lil Yachty stole “Peek A Boo” from him.

Tennessee rapper, Memphis Ash, believes that Lil Yachty has stolen “Peek A Boo” from him. Last year, Ash released a song called “Pikachu”, where he rhymes “peek a boo” on the chorus. Upon hearing Lil Boat’s Peek A Boo, Ash is convinced that Yachty completely stole his idea.

According to Ash, Yachty’s song borrows both the verse and hook to his song, and now he is pursuing legal action against him.

Last week, Ash’s lawyer, Ben McLane, filed a cease and desist. The document stated the following, “The infringement occurs at several places within the Infringing Work – directly lifting both the Original Work’s verse and hook (masked by a lyric and tempo change) – without permission.”

McLane has allegedly given Yachty 10 days to start paying Ash royalties, but Yachty’s label, Quality Control, has refused to do so. Ash’s team also plans on having Yachty’s song removed from online streaming services.

Lil Boat’s manager, Couch K, isn’t buying Ash’s story, and says Peek A Boo is a completely different song.

Take a listen to Peek A Boo and Pikachu below and decide for yourself!

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