Lil Pump Throws Microphone At Disruptive Fan (Video)

lil pump throws microphone at disruptive fan

It’s safe to say that Lil Pump won’t be returning to Connecticut.

On Monday, in the midst of his show in Wallingford, Connecticut, a fan threw a water bottle onstage at Lil Pump – ruining the experience for all concertgoers in attendance.

In a video from the concert, the 17 year old “Gucci Gang” rapper can be seen addressing someone in the crowd, “You think you funny? Come up here and do that shit pussy.” A moment later, Pump threw his microphone at the audience member before being escorted off  the stage by a security guard.

Lil Pump later apologized to his fans on Instagram Live for abruptly ending the show, “If you was at that Connecticut show…shit ended ’cause some stupid ass nigga thought he was funny and he threw some shit onstage and he got his ass socked. Bitch, don’t you ever try to do no stupid shit while I’m performing you fuckin’ dumbass. Of course you gon’ get your stupid ass socked—fuckin’ goofy. I’m sorry to everybody…the show got shut down or whatever. I’ll make it up to y’all. I love y’all.”

This has been quite an eventful week for Pump – and it’s only Tuesday. On Monday, he made headlines after he was kicked out of a hotel.

Watch the clip below.

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