Keyshia Cole On Dating Floyd Mayweather, “That’s Gonna Be My Friend To The End” (Video)

keyshia cole on dating floyd maweather

keyshia cole on dating floyd maweather

Are Keyshia Cole and Floyd Mayweather dating?

During a new interview with Hot 97’s Nessa, Keyshia Cole finally addressed longtime rumors that she and Floyd Mayweather are dating. According to Cole, Mayweather is a close friend who supports her and gives good advice.

With Mayweather being known to date multiple women at a time, Cole says she’s not built for that type of relationship, “You know I’d never survive in that equation. I might as well stay with my husband. That makes no sense.”

“Even though I super love Floyd. That’s gonna be my friend to the end. I really do have a vibe with Floyd. I love him and he’s been very supportive. Just even giving me inspiration and words of encouragement.”

Cole went on to explain exactly why she could never date Mayweather, “Being in a relationship with Floyd, I would be totally hurt in shambles, I’m not that type of girl to be able to deal with that kind of stuff and I don’t think money would make that any better.”

She added, “Not when you’re trying to leave someone that you have a child with because occasionally he steps out.”

Keyshia confirmed that she is currently dating someone in the industry, but passed on revealing his name.

Watch the full interview below.

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