Joey Badass Claims He Inspired Kanye West’s “Real Friends” (Video)

joey badass claims he inspired kanye wests real friends

Joey Badass spills some tea on Kanye West.

Joey Badass isn’t one to keep quiet. Not too long ago he revealed that he co-wrote Post Malone’s “Rockstar.” Now, the ALL-AMERIKKKAN BADA$$ rapper has shared an interesting story about himself and Kanye West that fans are sure to never forget.

On Saturday, during a 40 minute live-stream on Instagram, Joey shared videos with his fans and answered some of their questions. When a fan asked Joey about West, Joey was more than happy to spill the deets on his first encounter with Ye. According to Joey, Ye told him that he was the inspiration behind his song, “Real Friends.”

“I’ll tell y’all something very real about Kanye. So look, I met Kanye for the first time at Coachella in 2016. He was like, ‘You heard “Real Friends?”

“I’m looking at this nigga like, ‘Yeah, I heard “Real Friends.” Who the fuck ain’t heard “Real Friends?’” He was like, ‘You inspired me to make that song, B.’ I honestly couldn’t even believe he was saying that shit. The only thing I was thinking in my head was, ‘Nigga, why the fuck you ain’t put me on that shit? I could use the clout.”

He added, “I never let this out of the bag because I didn’t really care to. But I’m gonna let it out of the bag because I’m a little wavy right now, and a drunk man tells no lies. Shout out to Kanye, man…real nigga. I still don’t believe it to this day.”

Joey went on to explain that he has a bunch of unreleased music in the chamber, “What y’all gotta understand is that I got music for the next five years. It’s just really about how I’m gonna roll the shit out an timing. I’ve been here five years. I’m gonna be here for the next 25 years.”

Watch the video below.

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