Joe Budden Will Not Return to Complex’s Everyday Struggle in 2018

NEW YORK, NY - AUGUST 10: Joe Budden of Slaughterhouse at John Ricard Studio on August 28, 2012 in New York City. (Photo by John Ricard/Getty Images)

After building an amazing rapport with the Hip-Hop community, it looks like an era is quickly coming to a close as it was revealed that retired recording artist and Everyday Struggle host Joe Budden will not be returning to the show in 2018. Following rumors, both Joe Budden and Complex revealed that Joe Budden will not be rejoining original co-hosts DJ Akademiks and Nadeska for new episodes at the top of the year.

The reason for Joe Budden’s departure is the inability to come to equal contractual renewal terms between both Budden and Complex. Once word hit the news, Joe Budden was very vocal on the matter. Voicing on Twitter that he created Everyday Struggle and can recreate the same success with another created show. See the complete tweets below:

Joe Budden made his last appearance on Everyday Struggle on December 14th where he made a vocal opinion on the new Eminem album. Labeling it offensive to the Black Community. Budden is currently signed to Eminem’s Shady Label along with the group Slaughterhouse. Watch the final Joe Budden show below:

Akademiks gave more details on the situation yesterday, reporting that Joe Budden and Complex had been in contract renewal negotiations for three-months now and were unable to come to an agreement. Akademiks clarifies he will continue to remain on Everyday Struggle along with Nadeska as they came to terms with their new contracts last week. Checkout his latest video addressing the situation below.

The news of Budden’s departing comes with intriguing forecasting from Charlamagne Da God. Six months ago, Charlamagne foresaw that Joe Budden would leave the webseries within six months. However, with Budden’s departure from Complex, it is rumored that he and Charlamagne are starting up their own Hip-Hop related discussion series.



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