Joe Budden Says Drake Definitely Jacked XXXTentacion’s Flow

joe budden says drake definitely jacked xxxtentacions flow

joe budden says drake definitely jacked xxxtentacions flow

Joe Budden believes Drake is stealing pointers from XXXTentancion.

For months, it’s been up for debate if Drake actually stole XXXTentacion’s “Look At Me” flow on “KMT.” Well, Joe Budden is tired of hearing about the entire ordeal, and recently decided to lay his opinion out on the table.

During his new show, “Everyday Struggle”, on Complex with DJ Akademiks, Budden first admitted that he was an XXX fan, “Fuck fun, that’s why I like this kid. All of these little, purple hair dreadhead n***as are having fun.”

“Where is the anti-christ? Where is the anti-young n***a to say hey, ‘I’ll fuck all of y’all up, and I’ll go to jail for it, and I rap better than y’all.”

He then told Akademiks that it’s crystal clear Drizzy stole XXX’s swag, “We’ve heard that story from different acts for the last five years.[Drake] would 100 per cent listen to something and jack the flow. That’s a lie, stop lying to me.”

Shockingly, Akademiks seemed to agree and even threw in his own two cents, “Listen I was born at night, just not last night. If you listen to those two songs, Drake you heard this shit before, you took the flow.”

Via social media, XXX later thanked both Budden and Akademiks for their insight.

Do you think Drake is biting XXXTentacion’s style? Check out the episode below and sound off in the comments!

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