Joe Budden Chimes In On Usher Herpes Scandal

joe budden chimes in on usher herpes scandal

joe budden chimes in on usher herpes scandal

“It goes away sometimes.”

The past couple of weeks have been quite embarrassing for Usher. After two woman accused the “Let It Burn” singer of giving them herpes, social media refused to let the allegations die down.

Usher has yet to break his silence and address the allegations, but a handful of people in the industry have come forward to defend him. During a new episode of Complex’s Everyday Struggle, Joe Budden chimed in on the scandal.

Budden threw in a few jokes, but ultimately ended up calling usher a “great guy”, “It goes away sometimes. All these niggas got herpes. Dirty dick fucks. You think they just running around sticking their dicks into every groupie at the concert didn’t contract nothing.”

He went on to say, “This ain’t really news. But I will say this, every time I’ve met Usher, he’s been really amazing. He’s such a great guy and great person and I look up to him and what he’s done in his tenure and just music…I feel bad for talking about Usher having herpes.”

The Game also took it upon himself to clap back at fans who attempted to throw Usher under the bus on his Instagram page, “Stop tryna tear n****s down with all this maybe bogus s**t. Jane Doe this, Jane Doe that. A week ago everybody were Usher fans, now because of a health condition he may or may not have, f**k Usher, stay away from him. His wife should’ve done this, etc.”

“Half the people commenting in here ain’t even took a shower or brush they teeth this morning yet & got dirty d**ks & fish market smellin’ vaginas tryna weigh in on somebody else’s life. Foh & let this man live bruh.”

Watch the clip below.

Y'all better leave Usher alone dammit!!!! Lol #EverydayStruggle

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