Jim Jones Reveals Why He Didn’t Jump In Cam’ron And Mase Beef (Video)

jim jones reveals why he didnt jump in camron and mase beef

Jim Jones isn’t picking sides when it comes to Cam’ron and Mase.

Jim Jones recently stopped by Hot 97’s Ebro in the Morning and revealed that he had no intentions of getting caught up in Cam’ron and Mase’s feud. According to Jimmy, he knew the beef wouldn’t last long, which has proven to be true.

“If Mase said he been getting bullied for fifteen years, then that’s some shit you gotta deal with yourself. I don’t get involved. It’s not going to lead nowhere.”

“Mase is a pastor, [Cam’s] a rapper […] I know both of them personally. Cam is my man. I know the real stories. It’s not worth nothing. None of us is lit like that out here to be beefing with each other or doing no rap battles. It’s over. It was popping for a day and half amongst the rap community, because people get bored on IG […] and then it was over. I wasn’t jumping in some BS like that—for what? I just be looking crazy..”

A few weeks ago, Mase released a Cam’ron diss track entitled “The Oracle.” Cam quickly clapped back with “Dinner Time”, but in the end, the two stars called it quits and made peace with each other.

Via Instagram, Mase reached out to Killah Cam, writing, “You still my brother if you would like to be … this was just for bragging rights.” Cam’ron responded, “This was fun … u still my bro too. Glad I get to brag lol.”

According to Jim, the timing of Mase and Cam’s beef was odd, and transpired one day after the Dipset reunion took place, “That was the only thing I was confused about. It happened the next day after the Diplomat concert […] Why now after we set the city on fire? […] I ain’t into that. I got a lot of other things going on. I got sports. I got fitness. I got clothes. I got movies […] I got a lot of things going on right now.”

Watch the full interview below. [Jimmy starts to talk about Cam’ron at the 6:19 mark.]

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