Is Flavor Flav Bailing Bobby Shmurda Out Of Jail?!


It doesn’t seem like anyone is bothered by the fact that Bobby Shmurda has been sitting in jail for months withering away, but that all has changed. Public Enemy hype man Flavor Flav says he wants to bail the “Bobby B*tch” rapper out of jail. Yesterday, whoever is responsible for running Shmurda’s account posted a video of Flavor Flav waving around wads of money stating, “Ay yo, Shmurda, we coming to get you out, baby. We in the bank right now. We got dough. We coming to get you Shmurda. Shmurda was the case that they gave me.” I want to believe that Shmurda will be a free man soon, but let’s be real, this is Flavor Flav that we’re talking about.

The most interesting thing about this all is that Flav has a couple legal issues of his own, not quite as serious as Shmurda’s though. On May 21, Flav was arrested near Las Vegas for driving under the influence of cocaine, speeding, possession of marijuana, and driving with an open container of alcohol. It was also discovered that his license had been suspended 16 times.

Back in 2008, Flavor Flav had his own reality dating show on VH1 titled Flavor Of Love which aired for 3 seasons.

Check out the hilarious clip of Flavor Flav below!

Yellah Bone
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