Iamsu! And Jay Ant Accused Of Sexual Assault

iamsu and jay ant accused of sexual assault

Iamsu! and Jay Ant have denied the allegations.

In a Google Doc that surfaced on Thursday, an anonymous author claims that Bay Area rapper Iamsu! raped her and Jay Ant sexually assaulted her. The alleged incident took place in August 2013 in a Las Vegas hotel room during the MAGIC convention. The woman says she has known Iamsu! since seventh grade, and he is also friends with her cousins. Therefore, she felt comfortable around him.

Apparently, the woman and her friends were hanging out with Iamsu! and his crew in a large bathroom, where everyone was smoking weed. Out of nowhere, Iamsu! ripped off her tube top and pulled down her pants before pushing her into the shower.

“In front of everyone [Iamsu!] had pulled off my tube top, pulled down my pants and pushed me in the shower where he tried to corner me,” she wrote. “I was sitting there like whaatt the fuck is this real? Does he not see the people in here? Do they really not see him doing this to someone who is saying NO? At that moment I was really afraid for my safety , I knew I had to get the fuck out of there.I got out flashed and put my clothes back on.”

The woman says she tried to escape, but to no avail. Iamsu! reportedly proceeded to follow her and attack her again, “I left the bathroom and Su followed behind me. I remember me saying No and him still proceeding to push and pull on me ripping off my tube top once again, lifting me up onto the bed as I tried to push him off me and he pulled down my pants… I knew I was powerless.”

She added, “I remember trying to push him off of me and I just blacked out. I remember waking up randomly and seeing different things happening to me. At one point I woke up and Jay Ant had my lifeless body laid over the bed, violating me in front of a group of men. I felt like a rag doll being pushed against that bed. I’m pretty sure that’s what woke me up, the feeling of my face being pushed back and forth into the bed.”

“I blacked out again in disbelief. I felt dead. I couldn’t believe I woke up to someone who I felt I knew for years sexually abusing me and it hurt even more because there were just people there, watching them take something from someone who wasn’t even conscious.”

“I woke up again and this time I woke up to Iamsu on top of me like this fool was actually enjoying fucking someone who was essentially ASLEEP, dead, blacked out, UNABLE TO AND DID NOT CONSENT.”

The next morning, the woman woke up and left the hotel room, and received a text message from her friend asking, “Are you okay? I over heard Jay and Su freaking out saying that they felt they raped you?”

Two years later, she ran into Iamsu! at a Wingstop location, where they exchanged numbers. She later called him and accused him of assaulting her, but he brushed it off, replying, “Do you know how many girls have said I raped them.”

Su issued the following statement to The Fader, slamming the allegations, “It was brought to my attention that someone had posted a evil vicious lie. However I am comforted in no weapon formed against me shall prosper. I believe that her using the hashtag #metoo and saying such a hurtful lies takes merit away from the courageous men and women who have recently been brave enough to speak towards sexual abuse. Her motive is suspect and her behavior is deplorable, and she is either an opportunist or emotionally unstable. Either one I will not allow for a person’s false statements and lies to go unaddressed.”

“Its unfortunate that someone would take such a serious issue of rape and lie about it. Her statements are defamatory, slanderous, and downright evil. So once again the issue of rape is real, I love the women in my life and I respect all people. All her statements are untrue. The person has been notified by certified mail to remove it immediately or my team will be forced to take legal actions. I have never had sex with this women not that night or any night. Get behind me Satan in the name of Jesus, I serve a mighty God!!!”

Jay Ant also responded to the allegations via email, “I don’t quite understand how masculinity can be taken advantage of so easily, false accusations like these seem to happen to men way more than ever in 2017, and when it does, the ‘social media’ audience seems to not really want to give the man an opportunity to defend himself properly.”

“I hope to be able to harness this situation up for young men and women to learn from and spread awareness on how to prevent these type of things from happening to them, also if you believe any of these accusations against me, you don’t know me, and if one does not know me, it’s impossible have an informed opinion about this situation. With that said, I’ve never had any kind of sexual interaction with her. I’ve never had sex with her PERIOD. However, I am praying for her.”

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