Gucci Mane Wants To Sign Lil Pump

gucci mane wants to sign lil pump

Gucci Mane has his eye on Lil Pump.

Following his departure from Warner Bros., Lil Pump is now a free agent. As previously reported, Pump’s contract with the label was voided because he signed it when he was a minor.

Since cutting ties with Warner Bros., the “Gucci Gang” rapper has received quite a few impressive offers from various labels interested in adding him to their roster. He has reportedly received offers ranging from $8 to $12 million.

Apparently, Gucci Mane is looking for a new artist to sign to his 1017 Records, and is willing to dish out whatever amount Pump requests. Pump recently posted a photo of himself on his Instagram, and wrote “Fuck it ima sign Lil pump to lil pump” in the comments – stemming Guwop to shoot his shot. Gucci briefly proposed an offer to Pump, writing, “1017 u name the price.”

Last year, Gucci told XXL that he’s been putting in a good effort to embrace Atlanta’s new wave of rappers because they are creative, smart, and good at marketing their music. Pump is from Florida, but Gucci clearly sees all of those qualities in him.

“There’s a different sound to some of the stuff that’s going on. I’m forcing myself to like it because, it’s different. It’s not what I grew up listening to. It’s not the stuff I would generally play in my car, but if everybody else like it, who am I to say they’re stupid or that they’re wrong? …Yeah, so that’s kinda how it ended up, like if I keep saying that it’s stupid, then that means the next four, five artists that’s hot, I don’t sign them.”

Gucci Mane added, “I don’t got no part in what they got going on because I alienate myself. So, I’m forcing myself to see what’s going on now. I be like, They’re creative. They’re smart. They’re marketing themselves. They some little geniuses. That’s how I’m thinking now, so when I see them, ‘Hey, I like what you got going on’ and I’m not being fake about it even if I’m not the biggest fan of their music or whatever.”

Should Lil Pump take his talents to 1017 Records?

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gucci mane wants to sign lil pump

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