GLC Says Kanye West Equates Success to White Acceptance

glc says kanye west equates success to white acceptance

glc says kanye west equates success to white acceptance

GLC calls Kanye West a “sponge.”

GLC, Kanye West’s longtime friend and collaborator recently shed a little light on Ye’s revolution as a person throughout the years.

According to the “Holdin” rapper, Ye is far from the person that he used to be back in the early 2000’s when the two were members of the group “The Go Getters” alongside Really Doe.

Last month, during an in-depth interview with WGCI’s “The Chicago Morning Takeover”, GLC spoke candidly about Yeezy, and referred to him as a sponge. GLC stated, “Once you lose sight of the culture, you’re no longer in tune with the culture. Kanye’s a sponge.”

“Whatever he’s around, that’s what he becomes, so if you around a certain group of people on a regular basis, you begin to look like them, you may begin to act like them.” GLC also compared Ye’s life to the newly released film “Get Out”, “We tried to get him out like ‘Get Out’.”

GLC went on to explain that being around the Kardashian’s has changed West tremendously, (all while making a reference to Caitlyn Jenner as well) “If I’m chillin’ in the crib and I got a father-in-law, but then my father-in-law becomes my mother-in law, it might cause me to go a little crazy. Because every day, I’m like, ‘What up bro’ and now I gotta be like, ‘Yes ma’am. That right there … you might need to see a shrink for that.”

GLC added that Ye felt he needed to be accepted by the white community in order to feel whole, “Ye has always equated success to being accepted by the caucasian masses. So if the caucasian people embraced him then that means he made it.”

Check out the full interview below to see what else GLC had to say.

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