Gee Money’s Uncle Speaks Out

gee moneys uncle speaks out

gee moneys uncle speaks out

“This is a hard pill for me to swallow.”

On Sunday, 22 year old Baton Rouge rapper Gee Money was shot and killed in his hometown while leaving a studio session. Police have yet to apprehend any suspects or determine a motive behind the shooting.

Earlier this year, during an interview with DJ VLAD, Gee stated that Baton Rouge rappers are extremely competitive and jealous – but he hoped that the beef would end someday so all artists could get money together, “Someone might be rapping and then you done passed them up, so now they got all kinds of animosity towards you. 99% of the beef doesn’t have any real street meaning behind it.”

Less than a week after Gee’s passing, his uncle has come forward to address his untimely death. According to his uncle, Gee’s enemies despised how successful his nephew was, “Let me let y’all know something about the motherf**kin’ enemy. B**ch, the enemy, can’t take success. Do you hear me? The enemy can’t take success…When the enemy sees God is about to elevate your life, the enemy tries to come in like a flood — to steal, kill, and destroy! Though the enemy thought he did to my nephew, he thought he came in to steal, kill, and destroy but he is still here with us.”

He added, “Whether you know it or not. He’s not with us physically, but he’s with us mentally, and he’s right here, he’s right here in my heart. My nephew had the biggest heart in the world. Rest in Peace, Gee Money. My heart is broken right now. This is a hard pill for me to swallow. Watch y’all surroundings”

Watch the video’s below, and keep Gee Money’s family in your prayers.

Recently slain rapper #GeeMoney's uncle speaks out

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