G-Eazy x Carnage – Guala ft. Thirty Rack (Video)

guala video

guala video

G-Eazy and Carnage connect in new video for “Guala” featuring Thirty Rack.

A little over two years ago, DJ and record producer Carnage announced that both him and rapper G-Eazy would be dropping a project together – although, they have stopped mentioning it since then. However, last night they decided it was time for it to make its debut.

The track titled “Guala”, featuring Thirty Rack was not only released as a single but also a video in a black and white scale. While listening to the track it can easily be determined that there is certainly a kind of new age trap feel paired with heavy beats and strange alien-esk undertones.

Throughout the track, the tagline “Guala” is repeated as a euphemism for getting money and staying paid. It would seem as though the track was created almost as a way for both artists to try a new style of Hip-Hop, rapping about how they both made it to the top and are enjoying the benefits from money to women.

The black and white video was certainly an interesting concept. In the video, both Thirty and G-Eazy are roaming the streets of what seems like a California neighborhood, though what stood out was how their heads are edited to be rather large, which plays into the idea of how they’ve both made it so far in the industry, and now can be “big headed” and boast a bit. Overall, the song and video was unique and is certainly a new style for both artists.