Fan Throws Her Bra At Drake During Concert (Video)

fan throws her bra at drake during concert

A huge bra was tossed on stage during Drake’s show.

Over the weekend, during his Boy Meets World tour stop in New Zealand, Drake received quite a surprise. In the middle of his set, a woman decided to throw her bra on stage – which caught the 6th God’s attention.

Holding up the huge, beige bra, Drake stated, “I want to know whose titties are these? I need these titties in my life.” Seemingly impressed with the large undergarment, Drizzy added, “I’m a single man and I need this 34F.”

Drake then proceeded to walk around the stage, staring into the crowd – in an effort to find the mysterious, bra-less woman, “Let’s find who titties these are.” After scanning through the crowd,it appears that Drake may have found who he was looking for, stating, “Aye, I’ll talk to you later, geez.”

Watch it all go down below.

#drake gets a 34F bra thrown on stage.

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