Check Out Kendrick Lamar’s Freestyle Over Kanye West’s “So Appalled” (Video)

kendrick lamar freestyles over kanyewest so appalled

kendrick lamar freestyles over kanyewest so appalled

Watch a younger Kendrick Lamar rap over Kanye West’s “So Appalled’.

Kendrick Lamar has come a long way in his rap career. Since day one K. Dot always believed in himself and he knew he would be something great to the Hip Hop community.

Now that it’s 2017, we decided to look back on Kendrick’s career, early on before his rise to fame. In a 2009 clip that has been going around on the net, you can see K. Dot always had a knack for rapping and being able to catch the listeners attention.

About seven years in on the famous side, much hasn’t changed about Kendrick, he’s the same guy, on a mission to be at the top of the music industry.

Watch a younger Lamar go off on Kanye West’s “So Appalled”, you then could see yourself the Top Dawg rapper meant and still to this day means business.