Chance The Rapper Sued For Copyright Infringement

chance the rapper sued for copyright infringement

chance the rapper sued for copyright infringement

Chance The Rapper may be headed to court soon.

Chance The Rapper is facing a lawsuit involving his song “Windows”, which was featured on his 2012 debut mixtape, 10 Day. The plaintiff in question is New York based Jazz musician and composer, Abdul Wali Muhammad, (formerly Eric P. Saunders).

Muhammad claims that Chano’s Windows samples Lonnie Liston Smith’s song, “Bridge Through Time,” co-written by Muhammad in 1979. That same year, Muhammad registered the copyright for it.

Muhammad says the Coloring Book rapper sampled a “significant portion” of his work without seeking permission first. In court documents, Muhammad also revealed that he contacted Chance’s management in May to request a cease of infringement, but did not receive a response.

In his eight page complaint, Muhammad requests a court order from a federal judge to stop Chance from “copying, distributing, performing, selling or offering to sell “Windows.”

He is also seeking an unspecified amount for the damages.

Chance has yet to publicly address the matter.

Listen to both songs below.

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