Chance The Rapper Slams Record Labels During Show

chance the rapper slams record labels during show

chance the rapper slams record labels during show

Chance The Rapper is staying far away from record labels.

On Monday, Chance The Rapper kicked off his “Be Encouraged Tour” in San Diego, California, where he made it quite clear once again that he has no interest in signing with a major record label.

While performing “No Problem”, a large screen behind the Chicago rapper displayed a number of record labels and their logos, which were changed to insulting and degrading terms.

Aftermath Entertainment became Can’t Do Math Entertainment, Sony was changed to Phony, Warner Music Group to Wiener Music Group, Def Jam Recordings to Don’t Join Recordings, Motown to No Crown, Epic to Edick, Virgin to Villain, and Universal to Undiverse.

The slideshow ended with a display of the 3 Grammy Awards that Chano won independently.

Back in February, it was revealed that Chance had reportedly turned down $10 million dollars in advances that record labels had offered him to become a part of their roster.

An inside source told the New York Post, “He’s making too much on his own. He was turning down $5 million advances before, and now it’s like $10 million. He may do something with Apple, but not a label per se … He is going to remain independent.”

The Be Encouraged Tour will travel through Denver, Detroit, Houston, Atlanta, Miami, Chicago and many more cities before wrapping up on October 20.

Take a look at the video below!

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