Chance The Rapper Gives Terminally Ill Teen Coldplay Tickets

chance the rapper gives terminally ill teen coldplay tickets

chance the rapper gives terminally ill teen coldplay tickets

Heidi Hernandez scores Coldplay tickets thanks to Chance The Rapper.

Admit it. Chance The Rapper has a heart of gold. When he’s not donating to Chicago Public Schools and giving away free tickets to his shows, he’s doing something heroic. On Thursday, the Coloring Book rapper made  a Chicago teen’s dream come true.

Heidi Hernandez, 17, has been battling primary sclerosing cholangitis since she was 3 years old. At 9, she received a liver transplant, but sadly, the returned with the new liver. To make matters worse, she was recently diagnosed with hepatitis autoimmune. Despite her declining health, Hernandez continues to work several times a week.

Recently, Hernandez’s manager at Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria reached out to Chance, in hopes that he could nab tickets to see the teen’s favorite band, Coldplay. For Hernandez, Coldplay is deeper than just music, it helped her battle depression.

Hernandez told ABC News, “I got into a really bad depression where I wouldn’t even be able to go to school. And I just started listening to [Coldplay’s] music and it made me feel a lot better.”

As expected, Chano was more than happy to lend a helping hand, and ultimately met with Hernandez to give her the tickets. Hernandez hopes to meet the band some day.

Hernandez’s manager, Tori, stated the following about his employee, “I’ve only known her as a ‘boss’…even though I’m supposed to be a leader and teach her. She has taught me more than I can even offer her. When she first started, what broke the ice and sparked endless conversation was the mutual obsession for Coldplay. Today I now consider her like a little sister, my family.”

God job Chance, we need more like you!

Watch the video below.

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