Chance The Rapper Disses Joe Budden During Concert

chance the rapper disses joe budeen during concert

chance the rapper disses joe budeen during concert

Chance The Rapper isn’t done with Joe Budden.

The beef between Chance The Rapper and Joe Budden is far from over. A few weeks ago, while co-hosting Everyday Struggle, Budden threw some shade at Chance regarding his performance of “First World Problems” with Daniel Caesar on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert.

According to Budden, Chano’s new track was too positive, “What the fuck is Chance doing? What is this style of music? Is this polk music? What the fuck are these two niggas doing? I want a G Herbo feature. This is too positive. It’s too positive, sorry.”

Chance later clapped back at the “Pump It Rapper” in an interview stating, “There’s this idea that things have to make things for the culture and push the culture forward and it’s like, nigga I am the culture. Whatever decisions I made, they’re made and I also fuck with Joe Budden, I know he has to do his thing.”

“He has a talk show now but before he was an artist and he got to do whatever he wanted. Now he has to go to his job and clock in and clock out and provide his insight. Niggas gotta do what they gotta do.”

Apparently, Chano still has a bone to pick with Budden, and decided to diss him again, this time during one of his shows at Lost Lake Festival in Phoenix.

While on stage freestyling, Chance rapped, “Everybody is my cousin…I might fire Joe Budden.” It’ll only be a matter of time before Budden addresses the lyrics on Everyday Struggle.

See Chance in action below.

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