Chance The Rapper And Dwyane Wade To Produce Film On Chicago Basketball, “Shot in the Dark”

chance the rapper and dwyane wade to produce film on chicago basketball shot in the dark

Chicago’s very own Chance the Rapper and Cleveland Cavaliers’ Dwyane Wade are coming together to shed light on their city’s legendary basketball culture as they are set to co-produce the upcoming documentary, “Shot in the Dark.”

Active in the current Chicago social justice efforts with their respective non-profit organizations, both Chance and D. Wade joined the project after seeing a trailer to the film.

Shot in the Dark premises is as followed, “Set to focus on Orr Academy star basketball players Tyquone Greer and Marquise Pryor as they journey through the highly competitive high school basketball circuit while regularly encountering systemic racism.”

Chance the Rapper on joining the film, “Shot in the Dark is an authentic and realistic look at high school sports in Chicago and what it means for our youth.”

Wade follows up on Chance’s explanation with the following statement, “It’s not really a game for some of us… Basketball empowered me to overcome the challenges of growing up on the South Side of Chicago… The odds were stacked against me, and the game changed the course of my life. It’s important to share these true stories of triumph to inspire the next generation to achieve their dreams when faced with life’s obstacles.”

Shot in the Dark is slated for a February 2018 release via Fox Sports new Magnify division.



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