Bryson Tiller Is In “Mixtape Mode”

bryson tiller is in mixtape mode

Bryson Tiller is working on new music.

RCA Platinum selling recording artist Bryson Tiller has been the biggest new artist in music for several years now thanks to his classic debut mixtape-turned-full length, TRAPSOUL.

While his sophomore effort, True to Self, continues to shine, Tiller looks to be returning to basics to keep his fans entertain with an announcement he is currently in “Mixtape Mode.”

Read the official tweet below:

No further information has been revealed about the upcoming possible tape. Throughout the year, while prepping the final cut of his sophomore effort, the 24-year-old was in the studio with an all-star supporting cast of Drake and Young Thug.

Nothing came of his Drake collaboration yet; however, Tiller and Thug released their collaboration, “Get Mine”, ahead of summer 2017.

Stay tuned for new music from Bryson!

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