Blac Youngsta Called Out For Stiffing Strippers

blac youngsta called out for stiffing strippers

blac youngsta called out for stiffing strippers

A group of strippers are irate that Blac Youngsta refused to tip them.

Memphis rapper Blac Youngsta is known for obnoxiously flossing around huge stacks of money, so it’s quite ironic that he refused to throw one single at the strip club earlier this week. On Monday, Youngsta appeared at Ace Of Diamonds in Los Angeles, and enlisted a slew of strippers to join him onstage and twerk during his performance.

The strippers danced for Youngsta’s entire set, which lasted 90 minutes. However, when his performance was over, Youngsta and his entourage of 20 reportedly exited the venue without tipping any of the dancers for their hard work.

On Tuesday, TMZ spoke to one of the dancers, who revealed that she was disgusted with the way Youngsta had handled things, “It’s super embarrassing to be onstage, after he requests you and then doesn’t tip anything.”

Youngsta has since responded to the backlash in an Instagram video, “It ain’t my fault you was on your knees sucking d*ck and doing the wrong thing. I was on my knees praying to God.”

Check out the hilarious clip below – as well as a couple of videos of him playing with his dough.

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