Blac Chyna Granted Temporary Restraining Order Against Rob Kardashian

blac chyna granted temporary restraining order against rob kardashian

blac chyna granted temporary restraining order against rob kardashian

The court rules in Blac Chyna’s favor.

On Monday, a Los Angeles Superior Court judge granted Blac Chyna, born Angela Renee White, 29, a temporary restraining order against her ex-fiancee, Rob Kardashian, 30.

The order forbids Kardashian from contacting Chyna or coming within 100 yards of her home, car or workplace. It also prohibits him from posting images online of Chyna or their 8 month old daughter, Dream Renee Kardashian.

Less than a week ago, Kardashian posted explicit photos of Chyna on Instagram and Twitter. Kardashian also made public claims that Chyna had slept with multiple men during the course of their relationship, and claims that she was only using him for his money. Chyna’s attorney, Lisa Bloom, has accused Kardashian of cyber bullying.

Kardashian was not present during Monday’s hearing. However, his attorney, Robert Shapiro, apologized on Kardashian’s behalf outside of the courthouse, “We apologize and have offered our regrets for what has taken place over the past couple of days. And now we move forward to do one thing and one thing only: Whatever’s in the best interest of the child.”

Bloom called the hearing “a complete and total victory.” She added, “The judge gave us everything we asked for, which is a set of very strong and enforceable restraining orders against Rob Kardashian, restraining him from coming near her and restraining him from cyber bullying, restraining him from posting anything about her online of personal nature, including photos and videos.”

The order will remain in effect until the next hearing on August 8th.

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