August Alsina – This Thing Called Life (New Album) (Download Or Stream)


August Alsina went on a little rant earlier towards his label Def Jam for leaking the album and having it for stream via Vevo. Alsina took to his Twitter by tweeting the label a few words like, “I didn’t do this. My shitty ass label did it. They’re just fucking Shitty! Smh,” he wrote. “Can’t win for fuckin losing dawg. FUCKKKKKKKKK YOU @DefJamRecords.” Sounds like the R&B singer was very frustrated and did’nt mind giving Def Jam a piece of his mind.

Hours later after the Twitter rant, August then took to his Instagram account to apologize to the fans for the way he had acted on social media. The album is no longer available on Vevo for streaming, so Def Jam definitely heard every word he said towards them. This Thing Called Life won’t be officially available till tomorrow and features Lil Wayne, Anthony Hamiliton, Chris Brown, and JadaKiss. August might be mad at us next over hear at Inyaearhiphop for re-leaking the new album, download or stream the entire project below.